Textile machinery spare parts

Beijing Huaxiatex Co. LTD. is engaged in supplying all kinds of spare parts for the world name brand Rapier looms (SOMET, PICANOL, VAMATEX, SULZER, , PANTER, etc.), Air-jet looms (PICANOL, SOMET, TOYOTA, TSUDAKOMA, etc.), Jacquard looms (BONAS, GROSS, STAUBLI, MULLER, etc.), Dobby Looms, Projectile looms, etc. 

Our products are including Solenoid valve, solenoid pin, weft detector, warp tension sensor, display, touch sheet, membrane, encoder, step motor, module and circuit board, mechinical consumable, nozzle, cutter blade, temple and warp stop motion, rapier grippers, driving wheels, rapier tapes, guide hooks, guide blocks, Bonas, Gross, Staubil Jacquard parts, etc. Welcome to look though our product categories in the webiste. 

Our parts are in good quality and reaonable prices. Welcome sincerely all of businessmen to work together and develop with us. We will manage to reach our aim and have a wonderful future in win-win business between both of us.


Picanol Loom Spare Parts

We supply a wide range of Picanol loom spare parts, especially for GAMMA, GTM, GTM-AS, OPTIMAX and etc.

Somet Loom Spare Parts

We provide various kinds of Somet loom spare parts, especially for SM92, SM93, THEMA11E, THEMA-SE,  and etc.


Jacquard Loom Spare Parts

We supply all kinds of spare parts for Jacquard looms, such as MULLER, BONAS, GROSS, STAUBLI and etc. 


Rapier Loom Spare Parts

We provide a wide range of rapier loom spares parts for  Sulzer, Picanol, Vamatex, Somet, Nuvo Pignone, Kingtex, and etc. 

Projectile Spare Parts

We offer all kinds of spare parts for Sulzer projectile looms. 

TOYOTA Spare Parts

We supply various kinds of spare parts for TOYOTA air-jet looms, such as 610/710/810, and etc. 


We provide a wide range of TSUDAKOMA loom spare parts,  for Za-205/Za-209/Zax-n/Zax9100/Zax9200, and ect. 

Smit/Sulzer Spare Parts

We are engaged in providing quality Smit and Sulzer spare parts,  for GS6100, GS6200, GS6300, FAST, GS900 and etc.

Beijing Huaxiatex Co. LTD.

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